The Maiden

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  • Montreal, QC
    Cinéma Moderne
    Opens May 18
    5150 St Laurent Blvd H2T 1R8

Past screenings

Date Venue
Opened May 10 TIFF Bell Lightbox TIFF Bell Lightbox
Opened May 12 Cinematheque Cinematheque
Opened May 12 Magic Lantern Roxy Theatre Magic Lantern Roxy Theatre
Opened May 12 Sudbury Indie Cinema Sudbury Indie Cinema
Opened May 18 Cinecenta Films - UVIC Cinecenta Films - UVIC
Opened May 18 The Westdale The Westdale
Opened May 19 Calgary The Plaza Theatre
Opened May 19 Edmonton Metro Cinema
Opened May 19 The Cinematheque The Cinematheque
Opened May 20 St. Catharines The Film House
Opened May 21 The Revue Cinema The Revue Cinema
Opened May 30 ByTowne Cinema ByTowne Cinema
Opened Jun 9 Imagine Cinemas Carlton Cinema Imagine Cinemas Carlton Cinema
Opened Jun 9 The Screening Room Movie Theatre The Screening Room Movie Theatre